• Spooky Men, an early access co-op horror game on Steam, is currently priced at an outrageous $1 million, making it one of the most expensive games on the platform.
  • The game initially received negative reviews when it was listed at a cheaper price, but the recent increase in price has led to mixed reception, with some positive user ratings, albeit mostly in a joking manner.
  • Despite its hefty price tag, the developer has been giving away codes through Discord, which has created some interest and may attract more people to try the game.

Early access Steam co-op horror game Spooky Men is currently listed at $1 million on Valve's digital distribution platform. Publishers have the freedom to set their own prices on Steam, and while the vast majority are reasonable about it, there are some outliers that sell their games for astronomical prices.

Not too long ago, Steam game The Hidden and Unknown made headlines after it was discovered that it was selling for $1,999.90 and only offered a couple of hours of gameplay. The Hidden and Unknown remains listed at that ridiculous price, but Spooky Men's $1 million price tag really blows The Hidden and Unknown out of the water.

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Developed and published by Bloody Bear, Spooky Men is an early access game that first released on May 9, 2023. It seems that when it first launched it was listed at a far more reasonable price and was even listed for as low as $0.59 at one point, according to SteamDB. Those that tried the game at the time gave it negative reviews, but since the massive price increase its overall reception has turned from negative to mixed. The more recent user ratings for the game have been positive, though they are mostly joke reviews. According to users on Reddit, the game's developer has been giving away codes through Discord, hence how some people have been able to play despite its ridiculous $1 million price tag.

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As for what the game actually is, Spooky Men is an 8-player online multiplayer game where players have to survive in a haunted house. Players can play as humans and as a ghost, with the humans having to work together to escape the house while the ghost tries to sabotage them. On paper, it sounds something like Phasmophobia but with an asymmetric multiplayer twist, which isn't necessarily a terrible idea, but the early reviews seem to indicate that the execution was lacking.

Of course, with Spooky Men being early access, there's always a chance that it could get substantial updates that genuinely improve the experience. And while the $1 million price tag may seem like it will keep people from trying the game, it may actually end up drawing more people to it than ever before. It has already generated some interest in Spooky Men on social media, and now more people may want to try their hand at getting the $1 million co-op horror game through a Discord giveaway.

Spooky Men is available in early access on PC.

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