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luffy zoro york one piece 1090 1
One Piece 1090: What To Expect From The Chapter

With the siege on Egghead island going on, here's what to expect from the upcoming One Piece 1090.

Gojo satoru vs sukuna jujutsu kaisen 231 1
Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 231: The Climax Of Satoru Vs Sukuna

The fight between Gojo and Sukuna keeps on intensifying.

All might armored vs all for one my hero academia 396 1
My Hero Academia Chapter 396: All Might Vs Fate

All Might showcases his new power - All Might Armored.

luffy zoro sanji chopper kizaru one piece 1
One Piece 1089: Return To Egghead

The manga finally shifts to Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hats on Egghead Island.

best summer 2023 anime 1
Best Anime Of Summer 2023, Ranked

Jujutsu Kaisen, Mushoku Tensei, and Horimiya are just some of the Summer 2023's standout anime.

featured one piece everything we about gear fifth episode Luffy 1
One Piece: Everything We Know About The Gear Fifth Episode

Gear Fifth's anime debut is finally here. Here's all there is to know about the highly anticipated episode.

chainsaw-man-pochita-giant-plush-toy 1
Chainsaw Man: Giant Pochita Plush Drops for Preorder

Pochita looks so wonderfully squeezable in Chainsaw Man - and now is your chance to give him a big squeeze.

7 Amazon Finds Perfect for a Sailor Moon Gaming Setup Thumb 1
7 Amazon Finds Perfect for a Sailor Moon Gaming Setup

Sailor Moon fans should have a pretty gaming experience, and with these accessories, they'll be ready to channel their own Moon Prism Power in-game!

Rengoku, Naruto Sasuke, Gojo, Baki 1
10 Unforgettable Anime Beatdowns

All manner of battles have occurred in anime over the years, and here are the top 10 unforgettable beatdowns in anime.

Best Mystery Anime, Ranked

Watching a plot slowly unravel is seriously fun as these fantastic anime mystery stories show.

jinbe devil fruit one piece  1
One Piece: 6 Devil Fruits Perfect For Jinbe

While a devil fruit might be detrimental for a Fish man like Jinbe, here are some devil fruits that he could make good use of.

Gear 5 Best Transformation 1
One Piece: 6 Ways Gear 5 Is The Best Shonen Transformation

Gear 5 will go down as one of the most iconic anime transformations.

Main characters from The Gods Lie, Tropic of the Sea, and Dororo together 1
13 Short Manga You Can Read In One Sitting

These short manga tales can be conquered in no time at all.

Franky devil fruit one piece 1
One Piece: 5 Devil Fruits Perfect For Franky

Franky could make great use of these Devil Fruits.

Nagamine One Piece episode 1071 1072 1
One Piece: Series Director Reveals What To Expect From Gear 5 Episodes

Here's what fans of One Piece should be expecting from the Gear 5 stretch in the anime.

The Strongest Demonic Women In Anime 1
10 Strongest Demonic Women In Anime

There are many examples of intimidating demonic women in anime. These individuals are some of the strongest of the bunch.

Anime Like Code Geass 1
16 Best Anime To Watch If You Love Code Geass

Code Geass brought fans amazing mecha battles and rebellion, which in turn made fans crave more anime like it.

Luffy nami zoro york one piece  1
One Piece: What To Expect From The Egghead Incident 

The climax of the Egghead island arc approaches.

Gojo sukuna yuji jujutsu kaisen  1
Jujutsu Kaisen: Reverse Cursed Technique, Explained

The Reverse Cursed Technique is a powerful ability that only a few Jujutsu Sorcerers can make great use of.

Double Mangekyo Sharingan Kakashi 1
Naruto: How Strong Was Kakashi With Double Mangekyo Sharingan?

With both Mangekyo, Kakashi briefly became an unstoppable force, even rivaling the likes of an Otsutsuki. Here's a look at the extent of this power.