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Star Wars

Star Wars is a multimedia franchise originally created by George Lucas and Lucasfilm Ltd with the 1977 motion picture. The science fiction franchise follows the adventures of characters (both humanoid and alien) in outer space including those who can wield a mystical power known as the Force. Since the release of the original trilogy movies, the franchise has expanded to include multiple films and branched out to other mediums like comics, video games, tv shows, theme park attractions, and more. The IP and Lucasfilm were sold to Disney in 2012.

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ysalamiri star wars legends 1
The Star Wars Creatures That Can Block The Force

In a galaxy far, far away, Ysalamiri reign supreme as the ultimate Force-neutralizers, giving Jedi and Sith a run for their credits.

Star Wars The Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano Rosario Dawson 1
Star Wars: Ahsoka's Rosario Dawson Has Some Reassuring Words For Viewers

Many have claimed newcomers must brush up on Star Wars lore before watching Ahsoka, but Rosario Dawson says that may not be necessary.

Star Wars Fastest Ships 1
Star Wars: Fastest Starships, Ranked

The Star Wars Universe is filled with amazing ships and over time, a number of them have proven their speed to be incredible.

Anakin Skywalker Vs Obi-Wan Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith 1
Star Wars: Why Couldn’t Anakin Beat Obi-Wan In Revenge Of The Sith?

Star Wars has plenty of intense battles but only a few match the intensity of the one between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Jedi Weakest Members 1
Star Wars: 6 Weakest Jedi, Ranked

The Star Wars Universe is enormous, but with so many Jedi Knights and Masters in the franchise, there are bound to be some weak ones.

kotor sith triumvirate 1
Star Wars: Who Are the Sith Triumvirate?

Learn about the mysterious Sith Triumvirate - Darth Nihilus, Darth Traya, and Darth Sion - and the dark path they forged in Star Wars.

Darth Maul and Obi-Wan clash in The Phantom Menace 1
Star Wars: Darth Maul’s Rivalry With Obi-Wan, Explained

One of the greatest rivalries in Star Wars is between Darth Maul and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and now it can be understood from start to finish.

Star Wars Ahsoka Hera Syndulla Sabine Wren Mary Elizabeth Winstead Natasha Liu Bordizzo 1
New Ahsoka Merch Reveals Best Look Yet At Live-Action Sabine And Hera

Star Wars revealed better looks at the live-action Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla in Ahsoka, and now fans can even buy cutouts of them.

knights of the old republic Darth Malak 1
Star Wars: Who is Darth Malak?

The journey of Darth Malak in Star Wars, from Jedi prodigy to ruthless Sith Lord, is a tale of power, friendship, and the seduction of darkness.

Star Wars Ahsoka Revenge of the Sith Rosario Dawson Hayden Christensen Anakin Skywalker 1
Star Wars: New Ahsoka Merchandise Leaks Return Of Beloved Character

One poorly-kept secret regarding the Ahsoka series appears to be slightly less secret now, at least if one Star Wars leak can be trusted.

SDCC x Mattel 1
Mattel's Amazing SDCC Exclusive Collectibles Included Jurassic Park, Minecraft, and More

SDCC has just wrapped up, and like always, Mattel had some truly incredible exclusive collectibles on show, ranging from Star Wars to Jurassic Park.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cal Kestis Player Character Grapple Hook 1
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Player's Permadeath Run Comes to a Tragic End

A Star Wars Jedi: Survivor player's permadeath run ends in a devastating and controversial way after they spent hours grinding in the opening stage.

star-wars-jedi-survivor-cover 1
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Xbox One and PS4 Versions Are in Development

Electronic Arts announces that Xbox One and PS4 versions of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor are currently being developed by the studio.

Star Wars, Luke Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker battles 1
Star Wars: Could Anakin Have Beaten Luke Skywalker?

Star Wars fans often debate who'd win between Anakin and Luke Skywalker, and now that question is answered...for the current canon at least.

Star Wars The Mandalorian Jon Favreau Dave Filoni 1
Star Wars: New Rumor Claims The Mandalorian Season 4 May Become A Movie

The Mandalorian season 4 may not be a season at all, but what does it mean for Pedro Pascal's Star Wars and Disney Plus show itself?

Star Wars Ahsoka Tano Rosario Dawson Inquisitor Marrok 1
Ahsoka: Star Wars Databank Finally Reveals Info On Mysterious New Inquisitor

Ahsoka has a new villain to deal with in her new Star Wars show, but this Inquisitor isn't just another lackey of the Galactic Empire.

outlaw 1
Star Wars Outlaws Could Give One Bounty Hunter the Revered Status They Deserve

Star Wars Outlaws has an opportunity to depict an infamous bounty hunter as fans imagined them back during the events of the original trilogy.

Star Wars Lightsaber Obi-Wan 1
Star Wars: What Are Kyber Crystals?

The Kyber Crystals from Star Wars aren't widely known, but they are vital to the galaxy far, far away.

outlaws (2) 1
Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Successor Would Need to Reprise One Pivotal Mechanic for Lightsaber Wielders

Star Wars Battlefront features a subtle yet profound gameplay detail that a hopeful successor would need to include as an essential mechanic.

outlaws-1 1
Star Wars Outlaws Should Have a Spin on Jedi: Survivor’s Most Unique Stance

Star Wars Outlaws could mirror Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and have its own unique stance, whether it is scripted or baked into gameplay thereafter.