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Elden Ring

Written by George R. R. Martin and developed by FromSoftware, Elden Ring is an open world Soulslike RPG

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February 25, 2022
From Software
RPG, Action
Online Multiplayer
M for Mature: Blood and Gore, Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence
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player-hiding-as-iron-bars 1
Hilarious Elden Ring Clip Shows Invader Use Mimic’s Veil to Avoid Hosts

In most cases, Elden Ring's PvP involves players rushing their foes, but it can also involve players hiding in plain sight with the Mimic Veil.

elden ring agheel 1
Flying Dragon Agheel is a Perfect Introduction to Elden Ring’s Many Dragon-type Bosses

Flying Dragon Agheel is likely the first dragon that players will encounter in Elden Ring, and it acts as a stellar introduction to the boss type.

elden ring smithing stone 3 4 1
Elden Ring: How to Get the Lance

The Lance is a powerful weapon in Elden Ring, and here is how players can find it and add it to their arsenal.

elden-ring-godrick-skateboard 1
Elden Ring Fan Shows Off Incredible Skateboard Based on the Game

An Elden Ring fan shares an image of a gift they received from their girlfriend that skaters and non-skaters alike will be able to appreciate.

diablo 4 playable characters promo art 1
The Argument For a Matchmaking Feature in Diablo 4

Considering the many different perks of playing Diablo 4 in co-op, future updates should take on the challenge of implementing matchmaking features.

ranni-the-witch-in-elden-ring-2 1
Elden Ring: Ring of Oath Location

Despite confusion regarding the Ring of Oath and its location, this ring has a different name in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Sewer Key Header 1
Elden Ring: Where To Use The Sewer-Gaol Key

Here's where players can find the Sewer-Gaol Key in Elden Ring and what it does.

mountaintops of the giants in Elden ring 1
Elden Ring: How To Get To Mountaintops Of The Giants

To reach the Mountaintops of the Giants, Elden Ring players will need to get their hands on a special medalion and then use it with a certain lift.

Elden Ring Mimic Tear Header 1
Elden Ring: How To Get Mimic Tear Ashes

There are a lot of great summons in Elden Ring but the Mimic Tear Ashes can really give players an edge.

Games With The Most Rewarding Exploration 1
5 Open-World Games With The Most Rewarding Exploration

Open-world games are meant to be explored and enjoyed over a long duration, and these games succeeded in creating a rewarding experience.

Split image of Ranni's corpse and the Duskborn Ending. 1
Elden Ring: How to Get Cursemark of Death and What It's for

The Cursemark of Death is a key item in Elden Ring connected to two of the big questlines and needed for one of the game's six endings.

Elden-Ring-Romantic-Picture-Sunset-Official 1
Elden Ring Might Get More Content Than Fans Expect

A report reveals that Elden Ring is high on the publisher's priority list, citing a plan to 'maximize lifetime value' in the future.

Elden Ring Isolated Divine Tower Malenia Rune 1
Elden Ring: How To Get To Isolated Divine Tower

The Isolated Divine Tower lets players activate Malenia's Great Rune in Elden Ring - here's how to get to this out-of-the-way spot.

elden ring cerulean hidden tear 1
Elden Ring: How to Get Unlimited FP Tear (Cerulean Hidden Tear Location)

Elden Ring's Cerulean Hidden Tear grants infinite FP temporarily when mixed in the Flask of Wondrous Physick, and here is how to find it.

Elden Ring Baleful Shadow Header 1
Elden Ring: Where To Find Baleful Shadow

Those who want to complete Ranni's questline in Elden Ring will need to find and defeat the Baleful Shadow. Here's how to get it done.

Elden Ring Fan Creates Paintings Based on The Game's Locations 1
Elden Ring Fan Makes Incredible Paintings of the Game’s Landscapes

A dedicated Elden Ring fan creates stunning drawings of some of the game's locations, including the Swamp of Aeonia and the Atlus Plateau.

Elden-Ring-13-Overpowered-Builds 1
Elden Ring: 13 Overpowered Builds

These powerful, OP builds will make adventuring and fighting through the world of Elden Ring feel like a walk at the local park.

elden-ring-alexander-cake 1
Gamer Shows Off Elden Ring Birthday Cake Made By Their Girlfriend

An Elden Ring fan cannot contain their amazement at a birthday cake that features the beloved Iron Fist Alexander, made lovingly by their girlfriend.

elden ring haligtree secret medallion left right 1
Elden Ring: Haligtree Secret Medallion Locations (Left and Right)

This guide will help players find Elden Ring's Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left) and (Right) and reach the Consecrated Snowfields.

GodrickTheGraftedThumbnail 1
Elden Ring: Where to Use Godrick's Great Rune

Elden Ring players will acquire Godrick's Great Rune after beating the demi-god in battle --here's what to do with it and where to go.