• A fan artist created concept art depicting Wario and Waluigi in the style of the Mario and Luigi RPG spin-offs, showcasing their desire for the duo to be playable characters in these games.
  • This fan art shows off Wario and Waluigi doing things inspired by the RPGs, along with possible gameplay mechanics.
  • AlphaDream's bankruptcy in 2019 makes it unlikely for a new Mario and Luigi RPG featuring Wario and Waluigi, but if Princess Daisy can be included in a mainline platformer, there may still be hope for the evil duo.

One fan artist showed off what Wario and Waluigi would look like in a game in the same style as the Mario and Luigi RPG spin-offs. The two antagonistic rivals have always been considered the evil, greedy mirrors of the iconic Mario Bros., with many of Nintendo's spin-off games pitting them against each other. That said, both of their playable appearances have been regulated to mainly spin-off titles, with Waluigi never even being playable in a Super Mario Bros. platformer. Fans have wanted to see the duo be playable in some capacity, with some finding the Mario and Luigi games' formula to be a perfect fit for them.

The Mario and Luigi RPGs are a unique spin on the turn-based JRPG genre, where players utilize the iconic Mario Bros. to fight a variety of enemies across incredibly unique worlds. These were all games made by AlphaDream, who would release five titles in total, along with two remakes of older games on the Nintendo 3DS. The sequels would steadily change its roster of playable characters with some unique gimmick, such as having Mario and Luigi team up with past versions of themselves, or even co-operating with Bowser in Bowser's Inside Story. One pair that the brothers never got to team up with in the RPGs were Wario and Waluigi, which is the basis for this fan art.

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This Wario and Waluigi concept art was created by DaToonie on Twitter, where they posted some pieces that showed the two teaming up against various enemies. One image showed off a giant, garlic-infused Wario, with Waluigi riding on his back while holding a missile launcher, the two about to square off against Wario Land 3's final boss, Rudy the Clown. This part seems to be inspired by the giant boss battles seen in Mario and Luigi: Dream Team and Bowser's Inside Story.

The second image concepts a random encounter, where the two are fighting a pair of Brrr Bears. Wario would focus on his physical abilities to fight, while Waluigi would use his bizarre contraptions, which DaToonie wishes was a recurring element with the lanky purple man. DaToonie also credits fellow artist ZEOARTS on Twitter for the concept, where the latter had also imagined a similar Wario and Waluigi-focused spin-off for the two.

Unfortunately, due to AlphaDream's bankruptcy in 2019, the prospect of a new Mario and Luigi RPG with the Wario duo are mostly left to fan interpretations. That being said, if Princess Daisy was able to become a playable character in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Wonder, then the two rivals might get their chance to shine one day in a future Super Mario Bros. spin-off.

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