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star trek discovery gabriel lorca 1
Star Trek: Discovery - What Happened To Prime Gabriel Lorca?

In the heart of Star Trek's multiverse lies a perplexing riddle: where is the real Gabriel Lorca?

Star Trek Strange New Worlds William Shatner Kirk 1
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Did Not Want To Be Influenced By The Franchise's Most Iconic Role

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has many legacy characters, but that doesn't stop the actors and writers from depicting them differently.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Spock Leonard Nimoy 1
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Spock Isn't Inspired By Leonard Nimoy

Ethan Peck is the newest actor to take up the Spock mantle, but he didn't think he needed to look to Leonard Nimoy's iconic performance.

star trek mirror spock coin 1
Star Trek: Who Is Mirror Spock?

In the Mirror Universe of Star Trek, Mirror Spock is so much more than his iconic goatee.

Star Trek Picard The Next Generation Jonathan Frakes William Riker 1
Star Trek: Jonathan Frakes Is 'An Eternal Optimist' About Possibility Of Legacy Spinoff

Star Trek: Picard fans want more of the Next Generation crew, and William Riker actor Jonathan Frakes is on board with the spinoff idea.

star trek mirror universe spock kirk 1
Star Trek: What Is The Mirror Universe?

Step into the sinister abyss of Star Trek's The Mirror Universe, where morality blurs, and darkness looms.

A collage of screenshots from Star Trek: Voyager, The Animated Series, and Deep Space Nine. 1
10 Best Lighthearted Star Trek Storylines

Star Trek's more lighthearted storylines deserve a spotlight among its drama. Here are some of the best comedic reliefs the franchise has featured.

star trek discovery klingon boreth monastery 1
Star Trek: Klingon Religion, Explained

Klingons are known throughout Star Trek for their dedication to traditions of battle and comeradeship. How does this apply to religious practices?

Captain Michael Burnham in Star Trek: Discovery 1
Star Trek: How Did Michael Burnham Become Captain?

Michael Burnham made Star Trek history by becoming the first Black woman to captain a Starfleet ship, but her road to promotion was anything but easy.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Spock Actor Advice 1
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Spock Actor Went To Unexpected Source For Advice

Ethan Peck may have taken on one of the most iconic roles in Star Trek: Discovery, but he strayed off the beaten path for advice on Spock.

Images from several Klingon episodes of Star Trek. 1
Star Trek: 10 Best Klingon Stories

The Klingons are among the most iconic aliens of the Star Trek franchise, and these episodes show them at their best.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Khan 1
Khan's Re-Entry To The Star Trek Universe Was Meant To Be Different

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds brought Khan back to the franchise's universe, but not as fans have seen the iconic character before.

star trek deep space nine obsidian order 1
Star Trek: The Obsidian Order, Explained

The Obsidian Order controlled Cardassia from the shadows with spies like Garak, making it one of the most fearsome intelligence agencies in Star Trek.

stds9_sp_hero_landscape Cropped 1
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Court Case Episodes, Explained

Here's how Star Trek: Deep Space Nine proved that court case episodes can be just as exciting as the serious ones where lives are on the line!

Star-Trek-Starfleet-Ship 1
8 Best Starfleet Ships During The Dominion War

The Federation can't combat threats without a fleet of formidable ships. These are the best ones that fought in the Dominion War.

A collage showing a Romulan, Cardassian, and Organian. 1
Star Trek: 8 Treaties That Changed Everything

In the political landscape of the Star Trek franchise, these treaties played huge roles in shifting the balance of power.

Three Star Trek admirals (Dougherty, Kirk, and Cartwright). 1
Star Trek: 10 Starfleet Admirals Who Went Rogue

The higher-ups of Starfleet command often pose a challenge to Star Trek's main characters. Not all the series' admirals play by the rules.

A Star Trek collage showing Georgiou, Locutus of Borg, and Seven of Nine. 1
10 Darkest Star Trek Storylines, Ranked

Star Trek isn't always a lighthearted romp across the cosmos. For almost 50 years, the franchise has explored stories with dark implications.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Lower Decks Crossover 1
A Big Star Trek Challenge Came From Its Animated Show

Star Trek properties are plentiful on Paramount Plus, but the franchise's most challenging was an animated series that flew under the radar.

star trek tng time's arrow 1
Star Trek: Who Are The Devidians?

Haunting specters from Star Trek, the Devidians' eerie existence and insatiable hunger for neural energy defy conventional bounds.