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Jared Carvalho is an avid lover of gaming, and the author of Level One (under the pen name Jerry Schulz).

elden ring agheel 1
Flying Dragon Agheel is a Perfect Introduction to Elden Ring’s Many Dragon-type Bosses

Flying Dragon Agheel is likely the first dragon that players will encounter in Elden Ring, and it acts as a stellar introduction to the boss type.

kingdom hearts 4 sora clive 1
If Clive Appears in Kingdom Hearts 4, Square Enix Has to Get One Thing Right

Square Enix has taken some liberties with Final Fantasy characters appearing in Kingdom Hearts in the past, but Clive needs to keep some consistency.

death stranding 2 fragile 1
Death Stranding 2 Should Take More of a Show, Not Tell Approach

While the story of the original Death Stranding took major use of exposition to tell its story, the sequel should show the world more clearly.

elden ring soldier of godrick 1
Soldier of Godrick is a Rare Tutorial Boss that Doesn’t Prepare Players for Elden Ring

The tutorial boss of Elden Ring breaks a convention of the series by failing to really prepare players for the other boss fights throughout the game.

death stranding 2 hardspace shipbreaker 1
Death Stranding 2 Should Expand Sam’s Job Title by Borrowing from this Indie Title

With the need to reuse and recycle gear and materials in the Death Stranding universe, Sam Bridges could do more to keep the post-apocalypse running.

kingdom hearts 4 donald goofy 1
Kingdom Hearts 4 Should be Donald and Goofy’s Final Adventure with Sora

The Kingdom Hearts series is defined by its multiple friend trios, but it may be time for one group to step aside from adventuring together.

elden ring shadow of erdtree gilika 1
No-Hit Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Runs Already Have the Perfect Item to Use

The base game of Elden Ring has already prepared players to completely break the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC when it releases its new areas and bosses.

final fantasy 16 kingdom hearts clive joshua sora riku 1
Sora and Riku Could Learn a Lot in Kingdom Hearts 4 from Final Fantasy 16’s Clive and Joshua

The distance of time between Final Fantasy 16's protagonists Clive and Joshua could act as a cautionary tale for Kingdom Hearts heroes Sora and Riku.

bloodborne the one reborn 1
The One Reborn is More than Just Bloodborne’s Creepiest Boss Design

Bloodborne's boss designs run the gambit from intimidating to outright horrifying, with The One Reborn standing out as one of the most disturbing.

hollow knight silksong overcharmed 1
Hollow Knight: Silksong Has a Golden Opportunity to Elevate one Charm Mechanic

Hollow Knight's charms are a high point for build variety in the Metroidvania genre, with the sequel having the chance to improve the system.

kingdom hearts 4 final fantasy 16 limit form 1
Kingdom Hearts 4 Could Learn from Final Fantasy 16’s Limit Break

Kingdom Hearts 4 could take a note from Final Fantasy 16 when it comes to activating the heavy damaging second forms throughout combat encounters.

atlas fallen giant monster 1
Atlas Fallen Has the Chance to Run Where The Surge Walked

The design of the next Deck13 game has the chance to excel in a genre-defining aspect of Soulslikes where The Surge struggled in the past.

Elden Ring Elemer Of The Briar Difficulty 1
Elden Ring’s Elemer of the Briar’s Difficulty Comes From His Brutal Abuse of Ranged Attacks

The optional Elden Ring boss Elemer of the Briar and his other variants is a uniquely difficult encounter that requires careful positioning to defeat.

elden ring sekiro mikiri counter 1
Elden Ring's DLC Should Find a Way to Implement One Sekiro Mechanic

The stagger mechanics of Elden Ring offer a great opportunity to pull a major mechanic from Sekiro in order to better set up enemies for a riposte.

dark souls 3 dragonslayer armour 1
Dark Souls 3’s Dragonslayer Armour is a Reference Built to Trick Veteran Souls Players

The visuals of the Dragonslayer Armour in Dark Souls 3 is a solid reference to older titles in the series, while also catching players off guard.

bloodborne cleric beast 1
Why Bloodborne’s Cleric Beast is One of FromSoftware’s Best Tutorial Bosses

While Bloodborne lacks a traditional FromSoftware tutorial level, the first boss acts as a stellar introduction to fighting larger monsters.

final fantasy 16 jill torgal 1
Final Fantasy 16's Treatment of Jill and Torgal is Sadly Similar

It is strikingly clear when Final Fantasy 16 doesn't know what to do with a character from scene to scene, limiting the impact of Jill and Torgal.

final fantasy 16 clive torgal 1
Final Fantasy 16's Side Quests are a Game Within a Game

The sidequests in Final Fantasy 16 help to push the game closer to an open-world feel, with subplots that evolve over the course of a playthrough.

final fantasy 16 barnabas odin 1
Final Fantasy 16: Why [SPOILER] Falls Short of Other Villains

One Final Fantasy 16 antagonist appears early on as a dominating force in battle, but is ultimately overshadowed by the game's true villain.

final fantasy 16 clive branded 1
Final Fantasy 16's Branded Explained

The Branded are central to the narrative of Final Fantasy 16, but the different magic wielders in Valisthea can be difficult to keep track of.

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