• A remake for Resident Evil 5 is becoming increasingly likely, especially after the success of the Resident Evil 4 remake.
  • The remake should make some minor changes to the story and gameplay, particularly in regards to an iconic scene involving Chris Redfield and a boulder.
  • The scene in question, known for its hilarity and meme-worthy nature, should be handled differently in the remake to align with the more serious tone of the modern Resident Evil franchise.

A potential remake for Resident Evil 5 seems as likely as it ever has been. With the title originally releasing in 2009 and involving a spate of iconic characters that are relevant to this day, a remake of the game could be a massive hit with fans.

The likelihood of a remake for Resident Evil 5 has only increased with the recent success of the Resident Evil 4 remake, with the title's successor being the next likely candidate for such a treatment. Of course, a remake for RE5 would do well to make some minor tweaks to the overall story and gameplay sequences of the original. In particular, there is one scene involving Chris Redfield that has become iconic for the wrong reasons, and Capcom could smartly use a remake to remedy this.

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Resident Evil 5: Chris Redfield's Famous Boulder Punch

Chris Redfield - Resident Evil 5 (2009)

Players take control of the iconic franchise character Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 5. As the main protagonist, the game sees Chris be dispatched to Western Africa to disrupt the sale of illegal bioweapons, before stumbling across a range of grotesque monsters and an infected local population.

The climax of Resident Evil 5 sees the player fight the title's antagonist, Albert Wesker, in the bombastic location of an active volcano. Navigating the interior of the fiery setting, Chris has to deal with a variety of enemies and blockages, including an enormous boulder. In typical 2009 fashion, Chris then grapples with the huge rock via a player-controlled quick-time event, going as far as to throw a combination of punches at the boulder in an attempt to dislodge it.

Hilariously, the unusual maneuver works, with the boulder perfectly forming a land bridge over the magma to allow Chris to cross. This moment has since gone down in infamy as one of the most memorable memes in Resident Evil 5, with its occurrence towards the very end of the game only keeping it even fresher in the mind of the player. Fans have poked fun at the boulder segment ever since, and a remake for RE5 could see Capcom handle the whole ordeal differently.

Resident Evil 5's Boulder: Remakes and Retakes


This year's Resident Evil 4 remake has been a huge success, and Capcom will surely be looking to replicate this with other franchise titles. If Resident Evil 5 is the chosen title for this coveted treatment, then the boulder scene could be modified to meet the franchise's more modern thematic values.

It seems important that Capcom take the scene in stride, however, comedy could still be at the forefront. For example, Chris could attempt to punch the rock or at the very least consider it, before sheepishly admitting defeat and using explosives to dislodge it instead. With the original boulder scene standing out for its bizarre nature, the more serious nature of the modern Resident Evil franchise, and especially the modern Chris Redfield, may be completely broken if the scene remains as it was in 2009.

A more logical take of the scene that still nods toward the original hilarity of it would be the best way to handle a remake of RE5. As the original sequence is so dated, a remake would be the perfect context to rectify a lingering ghost of the wider franchise while bringing older titles up-to-speed with the new Resident Evil identity.

Resident Evil 5 is available for PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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