• Elden Ring fans have created unique fan art in various formats, but a recent gift of an Elden Ring skateboard stands out for its distinctive design and colorful imagery.
  • The skateboard features characters from the game such as Ranni, Blaidd, Mohg, and the Ancestor Spirit boss, making excellent use of every inch of the board.
  • The gift received widespread admiration, with commenters advising against using the skateboard for actual skating due to the risk of damaging the artwork.

With Elden Ring being a game full of unique character designs and architecture, it is hardly a surprise that plenty of fan art for the game has cropped up online - though a skateboard is certainly a distinct canvas for an art piece. One Elden Ring fan recently received just that as a gift, though, and the design is unreal.

While extremely artistic skateboards are often collected by fans of the sport, meaning that this concept is not as outlandish as it may initially seem, Elden Ring fan art has usually come in more traditional formats. Paintings have made the rounds on social media platforms like Reddit, as have digital art pieces and handmade models. Still, unique ideas like this skateboard or a scientific diagram of Rykard’s anatomy do appear from time to time, and if done right, they can stick with fans due to their originality.

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The Elden Ring skateboard was gifted to Reddit user Y3w by their girlfriend, and it is a present that the Redditor and everyone they shared the image with is unlikely to forget anytime soon. While any kind of custom Elden Ring skateboard would have been cool - even just a black board with the game’s logo or a Great Rune in the center - the artist went above and beyond with this piece. While a logo is indeed present in the piece, many fans’ eyes will likely be drawn to all the characters that surround it.


Not a single piece of the board is wasted by the artist, and the colorful imagery is utterly breathtaking. At the top of the board, Ranni and the moon can be seen, with the witch accompanied by her trusted ally Blaidd and the always-disturbing Mohg. The visually splendid Ancestor Spirit boss is represented, as are minor enemies like the Death Rite Bird. The charming Iron Fist Alexander makes the cut, too, with the brave jar suiting the lineup well.

With the entirety of the Elden Ring cast being far too big to fit on a skateboard, the Redditor’s girlfriend likely prioritized the player’s favorite characters from the game. Unsurprisingly, the commenters were quick to share their amazement at the design. Some suggested that the OP put an “Elden Ring” on their girlfriend’s finger, believing that this beautifully made gift was more than enough evidence that it’s time to propose. However, the most common advice was to never skate on the board, as it would damage the artwork. Fortunately, Y3w confirmed that the board would always be for display purposes only.

With Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC sure to introduce more memorable boss fights and NPCs, artists will have more characters to use as art subjects soon. Whether another skateboard like this is made remains to be seen, however.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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Source: Reddit