• Xbox continues to expand its collection of special edition controllers with the release of the limited edition Starfield and Stormcloud Vapor designs.
  • Purchasing the Stormcloud Vapor controller unlocks an exclusive dynamic background for the user's Xbox, adding to the immersive experience.
  • Despite the wide variety of special edition controllers available, fans are hoping to see more dedicated designs for Xbox's Elite controller in the future.

Adding to its already diverse offering of stylish controllers, Xbox has revealed a brand-new special edition controller design. Since the launch of Xbox Series X and S, Xbox has been steadily creating new special edition wireless controller designs for its fans to enjoy in addition to Xbox Design Labs, which lets players fully customize standard and Elite Xbox controllers to their liking.

With the release of Bethesda's highly anticipated space RPG Starfield right around the corner, Xbox had recently revealed its limited edition Starfield controller alongside its first ever themed headset. Featuring a white and gray NASA-punk theme with small hints of solid colors, the Starfield controller is just the third Series X controller based on an Xbox first-party title behind Halo Infinite's green Master Chief-themed Elite controller and Forza Horizon 5's pink and yellow spray-painted design. This year Xbox also released its first ever eco-friendly controller, called the Remix Special Edition, which is produced using reclaimed materials and regrind.

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Now, Xbox has another special edition wireless controller set to release this year. With a short 15-second teaser on Twitter, Xbox unveiled the Stormcloud Vapor controller. In-line with a heavy lightning theme, the controller is primarily a shade of navy blue with black marble-like vapor wisps populating the design. All thumb sticks and buttons share the same navy blue color, and the bumpers and triggers are black. The controller is set to launch on August 8, with pre-orders available on Xbox's store.

There's more to this stylish new controller than meets the eye, as purchasing it will unlock an exclusive Stormcloud Vapor dynamic background on the user's Xbox. The design mirrors the one on the controller, drenching the Xbox home screen in dark blue and black smoke-like wisps. This isn't the first Xbox Series X special edition controller to come with an exclusive background for the console, as the Starfield Xbox controller also unlocks its own motion-based background featuring topographic lines found in much of the space RPG's game art. Sadly, those who don't purchase the Stormcloud Vapor controller won't be able to enjoy the background, however, there's still a smattering of cool dynamic backgrounds based on Xbox games available and added for free regularly.

The Stormcloud Vapor controller is releasing right before a very busy second half of August game releases kicks off, as well as a jam packed rest of the year. Even though Xbox fans have a lot to choose from when it comes to a wide variety of special edition controllers paired with Xbox Design Labs, it would still be nice to see Xbox's Elite controller receive its own dedicated special edition designs as well, besides the current Master Chief offering. With big Xbox games like Hellblade 2, Avowed, and Fable on the horizon, Xbox fans should expect even more cool controller designs down the road.

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Source: Xbox Wire