• Microsoft is now selling replacement parts for Xbox controllers, allowing DIY enthusiasts to easily repair their devices at home.
  • This move is part of Microsoft's efforts to make DIY repairs of their products more accessible for consumers.
  • The availability of custom-made, official replacement parts on the Microsoft Store caters to less tech-savvy consumers who want to repair their devices.

Microsoft has just added a selection of replacement parts for certain Xbox controllers to its online store, offering new opportunities for DIY enthusiasts to repair their devices. This move is the latest in a series of concessions to consumers who would like the ability to repair their Microsoft products at home.

Back in June, the company announced that it would begin selling replacement parts for various Microsoft Surface devices, in an effort to make DIY repairs of these products easier and more accessible for consumers. Passionate fans have always been able to create incredible DIY projects out of gaming hardware, but having custom-made, official replacement parts available on the Microsoft Store makes the process much more accessible for less tech-savvy consumers.

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Today, without issuing an official announcement, Microsoft added several new replacement parts to its online store, this time for the Xbox Wireless and Elite Series 2 controllers. The new offerings include simple components like buttons and outer cases, as well as some electronics like Input PCBA boards and Motor Assembly parts. These products are being made available only days after the announcement of ambitious new features coming to Xbox controllers, although there is no evidence of a direct link between the two.


Accompanying the new replacement parts on the Microsoft Store are a handful of disclaimers. One of these advises customers that the DIY parts should only be used on products whose normal warranties have expired, while another cautions that repairs with these components "require moderate technical skill, and are suited for enthusiasts, professionals, or those with prior experience in electronic disassembly." These and other thorough disclaimers are meant to provide the company with a legal shield against any complaints or lawsuits.

The right to repair one's own electronics has been a hot topic in recent years, with more and more consumers and activists calling for products that are easier and safer to fix at home. Microsoft's decision to offer replacement parts for its Xbox controllers and other products likely indicates the company's eagerness to appease this movement. This move comes alongside efforts to bring more beloved games to the Xbox, as well as other ongoing attempts by Microsoft to innovate and improve its products and services to increase the value of its brand. If the company continues this trend by releasing replacement parts for more Microsoft products in the future, it will surely earn itself considerable goodwill among the DIY community.

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Source: Microsoft Store, Xbox Support