Cecelia is one of Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life's sweetest NPCs that many players may enjoy romancing owing to her kind, helpful nature and passion for crops. Cecelia is one of Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life's bachelorettes that players can choose to date and marry through the farm sim game's diverse romance options.

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Cecelia is Vesta's farmhand who sells players crop seeds in Vesta's farm shop. Although Cecelia can be one of the easier NPCs to romance with gifts, it still takes time to romance her. Fortunately, there are some things players can do to romance and propose to Cecelia quicker before the 1st year ends.

Cecelia Romance and Gift Guide in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

story of seasons a wonderful life cecelia affection level

Players can romance Cecelia until her affection levels are high enough that she accepts a marriage proposal using Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life's blue feather. To marry Cecelia, players must increase her affection level to at least 6 hearts in the Resident Info tab and don't need to see all her heart events. It's also possible to view her affection levels by checking her diary on the table next to her bed upstairs in Vesta's farmhouse shop.

However, romancing Cecelia takes time over the course of the year, so players will need to give her gifts and chat with her often to trigger Cecelia's heart events and the proposal acceptance by raising her affection levels.

Cecelia's Daily Schedule

story of seasons a wonderful life cecelia

Cecelia spends most of her day in and around Vesta's farmhouse shop. She wakes up around 6 am and spends most of her time in the shop until about 2:30 pm, when she usually heads outside to help in the fields. At about 5 pm, she returns to the farmhouse, where she spends the evening before returning to her bedroom at 8 pm and going to bed around 9 pm.

Sometimes Cecelia does leave the farm around midday, where she may walk by the nearby river or forest path before returning to the farm.

Best Gifts For Cecelia

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Gifts in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life can sometimes be tricky to work out, depending upon who the player is gifting for. Fortunately, Cecelia likes many gifts, including all wildflowers, trinkets from the mine like moonlight ore and clay figurines, and cooked dishes, such as milky soup. She is also a big fan of crops, and players can gift her produce grown on their farm. She'll later tell players what she thought about the quality.

Players can speed up the romance process by giving her multiple gifts per in-game day, as long as each gift is a different type. For instance, each day, she accepts 1 bottle of milk, 1 milky soup, 1 flower, and 1 variety of crop such as a tomato. For additional relationship-building, players can also fulfill any requests she might post on the town notice board, such as her request for a tomato, one of the first resident requests that players can complete.

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Cecelia Heart Events and Marriage Timeline in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

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Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life's heart events are short cutscenes that give players the opportunity to develop their romance further with a character. They trigger depending upon an NPC's affection level. Cecelia has around 5 heart events, but players don't necessarily need to see them all to succeed in a marriage proposal. However, players must possess a blue feather from the nature sprites to initiate the proposal.

Cecelia Two Heart Events

story of seasons a wonderful life cecelia heart event spring

Cecelia's heart events can trigger as early as Spring, Year 1. A few days after players first meet Cecelia and achieve 1 heart of affection with her, she and Vesta visit the player's farm, where Cecelia shares her love of crops. This is more of a general cut scene rather than a heart event, as there are no dialogue options. However, players also learn Matthew, Vesta's brother, has an overprotective interest in Cecelia or Ceci, as she's also known.

The first Cecelia heart event happens with 2 hearts of affection, around day 5, when players enter Vesta farm shop to Cecelia's surprise, followed by a short chat.

Cecelia Four and Six Heart Events

story of seasons a wonderful life heart event

Players can achieve 4 hearts of affection with Cecelia during the Summer of year 1, triggering a heart event where Cecelia invites players for a walk to Goddess Pond in the forest. Players can raise Cecelia's Affection levels by selecting the "Stay still" and "Absolutely" dialogue options.

During the Summer Fireworks festival, players could also choose to have their date with Cecelia to increase her affection levels.

Cecelia Proposal and Wedding Event

story of seasons a wonderful life cecelia proposal

When Cecelia has 6 affection hearts, players can offer her the blue feather for a successful marriage proposal, an event which also raises her affection level to 8 hearts. Instead of proposing at this point, players could continue to romance Cecelia by giving her gifts to witness more of her heart events. These include 8 and 9-heart events where she asks how the player's farm is doing and shows up at the farm.

Whether players propose to Cecelia or wait till the end of the year to choose her, players have a secret wedding with Cecelia in the forest near the end of year 1 before she moves into the player's farmhouse around the start of year 2. Players can also have a child in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life with Cecelia. The child may have an increased chance of a career in farming owing to Cecelia's love for it and crops.

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is available now on PC, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X/S.

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