• My Hero Academia chapter 397 will showcase All Might's incredible abilities in battle, surprising and impressing all those who have doubted him.
  • The chapter will also focus on Armored All Might's abilities, potentially revealing more powers based on his students' Quirks.
  • All For One will regroup and strategize after being shocked by All Might's strength, setting the stage for a more intense and balanced fight between the two rivals.

My Hero Academia marked its return with chapter 396 and kicked off the fight between All Might and All For One in quite some style. However, right now, all eyes are on My Hero Academia chapter 397 because fans are obsessed with how good the previous chapter was and they want to see this incredible Clash of the Titans continue.

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My Hero Academia chapter 397 is going to be completely focused on All Might and All For One once again, after so many years, and that in itself is an incredible feeling for the fans. As All Might put on his last dance, all the people in the world of My Hero Academia and the fans who are reading the story currently, are watching alike. A lot of things could go down in My Hero Academia chapter 397 and that is precisely what is being discussed.

The Shock Of The World

The Shock Of The World My hero academia 397

My Hero Academia chapter 397 is most likely going to open with the shock of the world at learning about All Might's capabilities in battle. When this fight started, nobody expected All Might to make the sort of mark that he did in the previous chapter. Even his best friend, Tsukauchi, believed that All Might was basically signing up for his death in a vain attempt to stop All For One. Nobody believed him, because he did not have his Quirk anymore and that is precisely why everyone was shocked as hard as they were. In My Hero Academia chapter 396, All Might showed everyone that he is still a Hero and that he is still here for their sake. He has not forgotten his ways of being a Hero and he certainly has not given up just yet.

As such, My Hero Academia chapter 397 is most certainly going to throw some focus on the reaction of everyone watching this live stream. Starting with Tsukauchi, fans could finally see him shocked at what he is witnessing and, at the end of it, rally behind All Might in full support. At the same time, fans will most likely also see the reaction of everyone watching the live stream. People have, at times, lost faith in the Hero Society as well as All Might after his fall, however, now is time for that faith to be restored. All Might is back once again and he's going to be fighting to the best of his capabilities and trying his best to stop All For One for good.

Armored All Might's Abilities

armored all might vs all for one my hero academia 397

My Hero Academia chapter 397 will most likely also focus on Armored All Might's abilities. In the previous chapter, fans saw him use quite a few interesting abilities. He could use Blackwhip and then charge it with electricity, use Cellophane to reel himself in, and even use Shoot Style Smash to deliver powerful blows to All For One. Curiously, a lot of these abilities that All Might is currently using are based on the powers that his students possess. Fans might have noticed that already and this means that there could be more abilities up his sleeve that are based on the powers of his students.

For instance, All Might could have powers that work similarly to Bakugo's Explosion Quirk. He could have another ability that works similar to Todoroki's fire, or, perhaps Kirishima's Harden. There are quite a lot of abilities that Armored All Might could possess up his sleeve and fans will surely get to see all of them one by one. My Hero Academia chapter 397 could give fans a good display of how strong Armored All Might truly is in combat.

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In the previous chapter, All For One attacked recklessly and this allowed All Might to capitalize on the situation. Now, fans will see how good All Might truly is when the battle gets in the thick of it. Surely, All Might will have some counters to the various abilities that All For One possesses up his sleeve. After all, he is his biggest rival and he knows him more than anyone else in the entire series. Fans are desperately waiting for All Might to show his arsenal of weapons and My Hero Academia chapter 397 should deliver just that.

All For One Strikes Back

all for one my hero academia 397

My Hero Academia chapter 397 will most certainly give fans something from the side of All For One as well. Any great battle that is to be etched in the memories of the fans should be fairly balanced. This raises the intensity as well as the stakes of the fight and makes sure that the fans are on the edge of their seats. My Hero Academia chapter 397 could accomplish that by giving All For One some shine as well. In the previous chapter, All For One was completely taken by shock when All Might showed that he could still fight without his Quirk and damage him. All For One made the mistake of thinking that All Might would stand no chance against his incredible powers.

However, he couldn't have been further from the truth. As fans saw in the previous chapter, All Might could easily overwhelm him because he knows All For One so well and he can make use of the powers that have been entrusted to him by those that he has worked with in the past. Now, it is time for All For One to take some security measures. All For One will most likely pull back and gather himself. His strategy from here onwards could change drastically, however, the fact that he cannot steal All Might's Quirk because he doesn't have one is still a big issue for him.

all for one vs all might armored my hero academia 397

Every strategy that All For One usually based on was focused on this aspect of fighting. Now, he cannot do that, which means he will have to reformulate his strategy. Fans might see All For One land some blows on All Might in the next chapter. After all, he is beyond his prime and in this form, he should be able to, at the very least, injure All Might.

However, at the end of the day, the focus of the fight is on All Might and he certainly cannot die here. This means that All Might is going to fight to the best of his abilities and, to do that, he has to have the upper hand. All Might is surely the underdog here, however, he is one who could very well end up winning this fight. Fans are quite split on who will end up winning this fight and that only adds to the incredible intensity of it. While All For One could win and then potentially go to Izuku, it would simply be too much for the young hero to handle, given that he already has Shigaraki on his back. For that reason, the likelier outcome would be for All Might to emerge victorious, especially given that this is his last stand.

Here, in front of the entire world, All Might will show everyone that nobody needs a Quirk to be a Hero and all they need is a heart of gold. All Might will most certainly risk his life, however, he never went into this battle as a loser and he has every intention of winning this. With all the powers that have been bestowed on him and all the hope that he has inherited, All Might is going to power through. Fans should expect this fight to continue for a few chapters, however, not so long that it gets dragged out. As All Might proves his worth to the world and stands up for everyone one last time, the fans can't help but be excited for what is to come.

Sadly, the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is going to be on break next week, meaning no manga that runs in this magazine is going to be published. This also means that My Hero Academia won't be out next week. According to Manga Plus, My Hero Academia chapter 397 will be released on August 20, 2023.

My Hero Academia can be read on MangaPlus.

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