• Stardew Valley fans have differing opinions on the best farm layout, but the Four Corners Farm is mentioned frequently for its organizing capabilities.
  • The Beach Farm is popular due to its unique beauty, although it presents a challenge with its limited working area.
  • The Hill-Top Farm receives the least love from players, as it is difficult to navigate and has too much space to work with. The Wilderness Farm is also unpopular due to nighttime monsters that fans find annoying.

Stardew Valley fans are debating which one of the seven available farm layouts is the best in the game. A few of the choices may surprise some Stardew Valley players, while other farm layouts have been fan favorites for a long time.

Before each playthrough of Stardew Valley, the player must choose the type of layout that they want their farm to look like. There are seven different farm layouts in Stardew Valley with many first-time players choosing the Standard Farm to avoid figuring out how the other layouts work. On subsequent playthroughs, fans tend to branch out and try one of the other six layouts. There’s the Riverland Farm, filled with rivers and lakes; the Forest Farm, surrounded by dense woodlands; the Hill-Top Farm, with its rocky terrain and mining area; the Wilderness Farm, full of monsters that spawn at night; the Four Corners Farm, divided into four distinct sections, and the Beach Farm, full of water and sand.

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Reddit user FallenSpiderDemon asked the Stardew Valley community what their favorite farm layout was, and the answers were varied. Although there was no clear winner out of the seven choices Stardew Valley fans mentioned the Four Corners Farm a lot in the comments. Many fans love the ability to organize each section for separate tasks, making it easier to not forget one of the many chores that need to be done that day.

The second most commented Stardew Valley layout was the Beach Farm. Mainly for how beautiful and different the Beach Farm looks, but also because of the added challenge of having less area to work with. The Forest Farm was another popular pick, with its captivating aesthetic and abundance of hardwood, mushrooms, and foraging areas. Perhaps the most surprisingly popular choice was the Riverland Farm, with its series of “islands” that can be organized as the player wishes. Also, people seem to really enjoy the ducks that populate the water.

The layout that received the least amount of love from Stardew Valley fans was Hill-Top Farm, with many people complaining about how hard it is to get around and there being too much space to work with. The Standard Farm isn’t mentioned much in the comments, which is to be expected, as this discussion is more for players who want an extra challenge. However, not too much of a challenge, as the Wilderness Farm wasn’t mentioned much at all, except to point out how annoying the monsters can be when they come out at night.

Stardew Valley is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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