• Elden Ring's Mimic's Veil allows players to disguise themselves as objects in the environment, creating hilarious and unexpected moments in PvP encounters.
  • A funny clip has shown a player successfully tricking unsuspecting hosts by disguising themselves as iron bars on an elevator, completely fooling them.
  • The creativity and ingenuity of the Elden Ring online community shines through in their humorous and innovative approaches to PvP gameplay.

A particularly hilarious Elden Ring clip shows a seemingly impossible use of the game's Mimic's Veil to trick a couple of unwary hosts. As the combat in FromSoftware's latest Action RPG can be as varied as the slew of enemies the player has to come up against, so too can the PvP, in some cases more so. Unlike most of the enemies walking the Lands Between, players try to take whatever advantage they can find, like the small window of invincibility Elden Ring invaders get upon arriving to another player's world. And the game is sure to give them just enough to play with in both PvE and PvP, like the Mimic's Veil.

The Mimic's Veil is one of the many tools in Elden Ring the player can use to help them during the course of the game, though the Mimic's Veil has more a multiplayer focus. By using a little bit of FP to turn the player into an object from their environment. This allows for players to disguise themselves among the scenery to trick enemies, allowing for moments like a player using Mimic's Veil to their advantage in the Lake of Rot. It's a tool that not only rewards those who use it, but those who have studied the world enough to know when they are being deceived.

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However, for one group of Elden Ring hosts, noticing trickery was not a skill that they possessed. Posting to the Elden Ring subreddit, user knightrustedarmor uploaded a video of their trick. In the video, the player uses the Mimic's Veil to disguise themselves as a bent set of iron bars, which look quite out of place in their hiding spot: an elevator with straight iron bars. Despite this, the hosts got on the elevator and activated it, taking them the long way down to the lower floor.

While it seems like the hosts have some inkling their door is a player, as they stare at it, it's only because that's the direction they get off. Once the elevator hits the lower floor, the player veiled as the iron bars slides to the side, allowing the players off. The invader doesn't attack, unlike another circumstance where an Elden Ring player uses the Mimic's Veil to hide in plain sight, but they do activate the elevator to go back up again.

If an Elden Ring player wants to see the level of creativity the game can allow for, PvP is the place to do it. While it's mostly to have the upper hand in PvP combat, other players just like to do silly things like make a whole Elden Ring build based off of bubbles. There are countless players trying new things to either be funny or effective, and it's this ingenuity that makes the online Elden Ring community shine.

Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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