Most episodes of Netflix's Black Mirror are as bleak as they are captivating, but the series does have a few happier episodes that have peaceful endings. Now that fans have gotten the chance to watch all six seasons that have been released so far, there are two episodes that stand out because they have much more hopeful conclusions than others do.

While Black Mirror will always look at how technology can change humans, since that's the overall premise of the TV show, these two episodes are definitely a reminder of how sweet and emotional the series can also be.

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What Is Black Mirror's "Hang The DJ" About?

Frank and Amy in Hang The DJ episode of Black Mirror

The Black Mirror season 4 episode "Hang The DJ" is about Amy (Georgina Campbell) and Frank (Joe Cole) who are matched on Coach, which is essentially a dating app. They learn that they will be able to spend 12 hours together. They hear from Coach that they will be told who their true match is on what is called "pairing day."

There are several chilling Black Mirror episodes, but "Hang The DJ" remains one of the sweetest. While there are definitely disturbing moments, especially at the end, the couple cares about each other so much that it's impossible not to feel emotional when watching.

From the beginning, the characters wonder how much free will they have, and it's obvious that they are trying to exert as much control as possible within this strict confine. "Hang The DJ" has one of the most interesting premises of the entire series because so many people are familiar with dating apps and thinking about who their soulmate is.

"Hang The DJ" is a huge contrast to a Black Mirror episode like "Metalhead." Instead of painting a picture of a dark world where absolutely nothing is going right, "Hang The DJ" suggests that there can be moments of happiness even when things are tough. While Amy and Frank have other matches, they get matched with each other a second time. They know that they love each other and they feel desperate to stay together, but the fact that there is a time limit is devastating. Even so, they enjoy what time they do have together.

How Does Black Mirror's "Hang The DJ" End?

Amy in the Hang The DJ episode of Black Mirror

The Black Mirror "Hang The DJ" ending sees Amy and Frank ending up together. They find a wall that splits two worlds in two: the one that they are in, which is a simulated reality, and then the real one. They learn that they went against the norm so they could be in a relationship with each other in 998 of these simulated realities.

While Black Mirror's "White Bear" is innovative, so is "Hang The DJ" because it allows the characters to have hope after a lifetime of searching for The One. A happy ending definitely isn't what fans expect from a show like this one, and it's fun seeing Frank and Amy lean into their intelligence. At the very end of the episode, viewers learn that the couple was meant to be. Amy and Frank are in the real world at a bar and she is told by Coach that she and Frank are a 99.8% match.

What Is Black Mirror's "San Junipero" About?

Yorkie and Kelly in the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror

The Black Mirror season 3 episode "San Junipero" is one of the most popular and centers around Kelly (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and Yorkie (Mackenzie Davis). They meet in San Junipero which is a simulated reality. This place is unique because people can live there after they pass away.

The couple sees each other various times throughout their lifetimes. It's both fun and emotional to imagine what it would be like if San Junipero was actually real. In some ways, this town is like the best horror movie settings: haunting and beautiful and scary, all at once.

How Does Black Mirror's "San Junipero" End?

Kelly and Yorkie in the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror

At the end of the Black Mirror episode "San Junipero," Yorkie (Annabel Davis) and Kelly (Denise Burse) see each other again when Kelly is elderly and Yorkie has been paralyzed since she was 21. When she told her parents that she is gay, they treated her terribly, and she got into a car accident. In this timeline, the couple gets a happy ending. Yorkie wants to die in order to move to San Junipero and she and Kelly get married so Kelly can help her get euthanized.

While fans debate the quality of Black Mirror's later seasons, there's no arguing with the fact that "San Junipero" is one of the most popular episodes. That's all thanks to the ending, which is unpredictable and keeps viewers on their toes.

In the next scene, Yorkie wants Kelly to move to San Junipero, and Kelly says that she doesn't want to do that after she passes away. She explains that her husband doesn't want that, either, as they lost their daughter and she isn't able to go to that town. Kelly changes her mind and decides to die. She and Yorkie see each other again in the afterlife in San Junipero. Black Mirror will always be one of the best thriller TV series because of surprising episodes like "Hang The DJ" and "San Junipero" that are unique and creative.

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