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Kelly (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and Yorkie (Mackenzie Davis) in  1
These Two Black Mirror Episodes Actually Have Happy Endings

While Netflix's Black Mirror tells dark stories in most episodes, there are two episodes that stand out because they are so hopeful.

black mirror demon 79 gaap nida 1
Black Mirror: Demon 79 Ending, Explained

Demon 79 closed out season 6 with a literal bang, but what exactly was Black Mirror trying to say by ending this episode so violently?

Mia in the Black Mirror episode Crocodile 1
Black Mirror: 'Crocodile' Ending, Explained

The ending of the Black Mirror "Crocodile" ending is incredibly dark and upsetting, proving why it's one of the more unforgettable episodes.

Victoria (Lenora Crichlow) in Black Mirror's  1
Black Mirror: 'White Bear' Ending, Explained

Netflix's Black Mirror is never easy to predict, and the popular episode "White Bear" has a shocking story and memorable twist ending.

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Black Mirror: Beyond The Sea Ending Explained

The third episode of season 6 of Black Mirror, "Beyond the Sea," takes a few shocking turns. Some viewers may need help sorting it out.

Bella (Maxine Peake) screaming in Black Mirror episode Metalhead 1
Black Mirror: 'Metalhead' Ending, Explained

Like every episode of Netflix's Black Mirror, the conclusion of Metalhead is scary and shocking.

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Did Black Mirror Get Worse After Being Bought By Netflix?

The episodes that fans think of as the best are all from older seasons. Does this have anything to do with Netflix buying the show from Channel 4?

Jesse Plemons and crew members in Black Mirror's USS Callister episode 1
Black Mirror: 'USS Callister' Ending, Explained

Jesse Plemons stars as a greedy CEO in the unforgettable Black Mirror episode 'USS Callister,' and the ending proves why the show is so popular.

Jon Hamm in Black Mirror White Christmas episode 1
Black Mirror: 'White Christmas' Ending, Explained

Black Mirror is one of Netflix's scariest shows and the "White Christmas" special starring Jon Hamm tells three dark and terrifying stories.

black-mirror-loch-henry-samuel-blenkin-and-myha'la-herrold 1
Black Mirror: Loch Henry Ending Explained

The ending of "Loch Henry," the second episode of Black Mirror's newest season, may leave some fans of the show asking questions.

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Black Mirror 'Joan Is Awful': What Happens at the End?

Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 1, "Joan Is Awful" may leave viewers asking some big questions about its ending.

A poster for Black Mirror Demon 79 1
Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 5 'Demon 79' Review

Black Mirror season 6 concludes with a thrilling, old-school, giallo-style finale, "Demon 79," one of the best episodes of the series to date.

Zazie Beetz with a camera in Black Mirror 1
Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 4 'Mazey Day' Review

With rushed pacing and a contrived climactic twist, "Mazey Day" is a disappointingly half-baked entry in the latest season of Black Mirror.

Aaron Paul in a space suit in Black Mirror 1
Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 3 'Beyond The Sea' Review

Black Mirror goes to space with Aaron Paul and Josh Hartnett in "Beyond the Sea," a surprisingly somber and meditative episode of the new season.

Davis and Pia on the poster for Black Mirror Loch Henry 1
Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 2 'Loch Henry' Review

"Loch Henry" is an absorbing thriller, a sharp satire of true-crime obsessives, and one of the creepiest episodes of Black Mirror.

Annie Murphy takes a mugshot in Black Mirror 1
Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 1 'Joan Is Awful' Review

The Black Mirror season 6 premiere, "Joan is Awful," has a fun what-if premise and a terrific cast, but it's way too meta to be meaningful.

Black Mirror Season 6 Horror 1
Black Mirror Creator Makes Season 6 Promise That Horror Fans Will Love

Black Mirror season 6 creator Charlie Brooker promises the show will lean into its frightful material, but what else can fans expect?

Black Mirror Season 6 1
Black Mirror Season 6 Does New Things The Creator Vowed Would Never Happen

Black Mirror season 6 will premiere after nearly four years, and the Netflix show promises more surprises and suspense than ever before.

Black Mirror ChatGPT Episode 1
Black Mirror Creator Tried Using ChatGPT To Write An Episode (And Learned An Important Lesson)

Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker reveals he tried using AI to create a new episode of the show, but the result was not what he expected.

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After Control 2, Remedy Entertainment Should Crossover With One of TV’s Biggest Sci-Fi Shows

Remedy Entertainment has a penchant for cinematic, episodic storytelling that would be a perfect match for one dreadful science fiction TV series.