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Jacob is a freelance list writer with a passion for western RPGs and 3D platformers, Jacob also likes to keep up with the lastest trends in both TV and movies, including an interest in popular sci- fi and fantasy media.

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Fallout: 8 Scientifically Inaccurate Parts Of The Franchise

There are some aspects of the Fallout 4 universe that are scientifically inaccurate. Here are some great examples.

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Fallout: Best Cities In The Series

These are the best Fallout cities that players have seen over the years.

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Mass Effect: 10 Best Planets You Visit Tn The Series

Mass Effect brings players on a journey in space, and with it comes several planets players get to explore

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Best Dragons In Video Games

The large mythical fire-breathing beasts have challenged players in many different games, and here are some of the best dragons in gaming.

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Disney Villainous: 10 Best Hero Cards

Heroes exist to thwart the villains in the Disney-themed board game Villainous, and these cards are the best at doing just that.

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Yu-Gi-Oh: 10 Weirdest Pieces Of Card Art

Yu-Gi-Oh! has released some downright strange pieces of card art over the years.

Split image of Scrooge mcduck, the Dreamlight valley title screen and goofy in a conductor uniform 1
Disney Dreamlight Valley: Most Expensive Items To Sell In The Game

Money is a crucial part of the game, and it can be gained through various ways, like selling items.

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10 Best Pantheons In Civilization V

It's imperative to utilize these top-tier pantheons in order to come out ahead in Civilization V.

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Star Trek: 10 Ideas We Want To See In An RPG

Star Trek has some of the richest lore out there, which would make it the perfect candidate for a triple-A RPG.