• Lae'zel is a dominant love interest in Baldur's Gate 3, requiring players to take a direct and assertive approach to gain her respect and admiration.
  • Her background as a githyanki soldier shapes her brutal mentality, making her skeptical of acts of charity and vulnerable displays of emotion.
  • While the beginning stages of Lae'zel's romance lack emotional depth, her complex and nuanced character can change her views when faced with contradictory moments, allowing for a bond formed from mutual respect.

One of Baldur's Gate 3's biggest draws is its eclectic cast of party members whose personalities often clash during the game's crucial moments. The bonds they develop with the protagonist can go in several different directions with almost all of them having the potential to grow into something romantic during Baldur's Gate 3's story.

The powerful Fighter Lae'zel is no exception to this rule even if her personality is rather unique when compared to other potential love interests. It makes sense for her character because she is a githyanki, an alien race hailing from the Astral Plane, and with a hardened war-like mentality, her interactions with others make her feel unique and potentially put players into more submissive roles in a relationship.

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Lae'zel Ranks Among Baldur's Gate 3's Most Dominant Love Interests


Those who become quickly interested in Lae'zel probably do so because of her incredibly dominant personality. While the protagonist might generally be the one leading the party, Lae'zel is not the type of person who enjoys being ordered around unless it's in service to her people, and githyanki are generally not the kindest people.

What makes Lae'zel somewhat hard to approach from an emotional standpoint is that her entire livelihood revolved around being an asset for her people, and she was no exception to the brutal cultural norms her people are forced to endure. Her background as a soldier was molded from the day her egg cracked as she was trained to see anyone weaker than her as something not deserving to live. This means that she generally disproves any act of charity or most statements that go against githyanki people. Many moments where the player shows themselves to be vulnerable also draw her ire.

To gain Lae'zel's respect and admiration, players often need to take a direct approach to problem-solving, and this normally involves taking opportunities to catch potential enemies off-guard. She will also approve of instances where players can assert their dominance to diffuse potential conflicts. Even if she sees herself as a generally superior being to almost anyone in Faerun, she understands to an extent what her limits are and when subterfuge should be used.

Her romance arc can be initiated a few hours into the game's runtime if the player shows themselves to be a brutal and capable warrior and begins when a mutual attraction is shown without an emotional attachment, meaning moments like her first unlockable sex scene are little more than hookups. Like every other part of her personality, she takes a direct and dominant approach that is not meant to run emotionally deep. This does make it hard to consider the beginning stages of Lae'zel's romance an actual relationship since she refuses to allow an emotional connection.

Although there is physical intimacy, it's an emotional slow burn that takes a long time to become meaningful, but it works with her character as someone who was born only to fight. She also lacks the flirty side other Baldur's Gate 3 characters have. Lae'zel can feel like a rude emotional wall, but the moments where that side cracks are worthwhile because she is as complex and nuanced as every other party member. When faced with moments that contradict her mentality, her views can change even if the process is slow.

As walled-off as Lae'zel might be, she is a person worth getting to know, and as seemingly cruel as she might be at many points, she respects someone who knows how to assert themselves even if she can often disagree with them. A relationship with her might not be the healthiest thing, but at the least it's a bond formed from mutual respect and allowing life-long beliefs to crumble.

Baldur's Gate 3 is now available on PC and comes out September 6 on PS5. A version for Xbox Series X/S is currently in development.

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