• A Minecraft player discovered a deformed sheep with a lowered head in their fresh Survival world, showcasing an abnormality in the game.
  • The player's video clip shows the sheep awkwardly moving with a visible gap between its head and body, but it acts as a normal Minecraft mob.
  • It is unclear whether the player is using an updated or older version of Minecraft, though the sheep's deformity resembles the Sniffer mob.

A Minecraft player spotted a deformed sheep with a lowered head in their fresh Survival world. Though it's been out for many years, Minecraft fans still regularly start new Creative and Survival worlds, and this player has found an abnormality in the latter.

Many enemies have been added to Minecraft over the years, but sheep are among a few mobs that have been a staple since the beginning. Beyond the sheep, the launch version of Minecraft had pigs which were also farmable creatures. Some of the hostile mobs that were part of Minecraft's original bestiary are skeletons, spiders, and zombies, which remain part of the game in Minecraft 1.20. While exploring a fresh Survival world, this player discovered a sheep with a deformed head.

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Reddit user Omaygotambautakum recently shared a clip of their fresh Minecraft Survival seed in which they're observing the movements of the sheep. With Minecraft mobile prompts visible on the screen, the player tries to maintain height as the sheep climbs a nearby hill. The sheep awkwardly moves as its head barely clears the ground beneath it and occasionally clips into nearby Minecraft dirt blocks. Observing the sheep from behind, Omaygotambautakum's video shows that there's a narrow visible gap between its head and body. Omaygotambautakum's clip concludes with the strange sheep descending the same hill before approaching the Minecraft player.

The Minecraft inventory bar at the bottom of the screen shows the player only holding pork and wood, adding validity to the claim that it's a fresh world. The experience bar filled with five bubbles also indicated that Omaygotambautakum likely hunted pigs for their pork rather than finding it in a village. Given that Omaygotambautakum had been collecting pork, they may have intended to hunt the Minecraft animal before realizing that it was deformed. In some other games, a sheep in this condition may not be moving around normally, but this Minecraft mob acts as it would without the deformity.

Because the sheep in this video isn't carrying unique wool, the gamer may not have a need for the materials that it drops despite starting a fresh Seed. With this deformity, the sheep resembles a Minecraft Sniffer, a creature that was introduced to the game with the Trails and Tales update. Given that Omaygotambautakum only added context by apologizing for making fun of the sheep, it's currently unclear if they're playing an updated or older version of Minecraft.

Minecraft is available now for mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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