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Destiny 2

Bungie's Destiny 2 is an online FPS that blends single-player and multiplayer content. Constantly evolving, the shooter has established a strong following since its 2017 debut.

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August 28, 2017
Online Multiplayer
Tiger Engine
T For TEEN for Blood, Language, and Violence
Destiny 2: Forsaken, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen
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D2WeeklyResetFeaturedLightfall 1
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: New Nightfall, Challenges, and Rewards

The weekly reset for Destiny 2 is live and here are all of the new details including Nightfall strike, seasonal missions, challenges, and much more.

D2WeeklyXurFeaturedLightfall 1
Destiny 2: Xur Exotic Armor, Weapon, and Recommendations for August 4

Here is the scoop on where to find Xur in Destiny 2, what exotic and legendary items are on sale and whether any are worth the shards.

Destiny-2-craftable-exotic-weapons-returning-Season-22-gamerant 1
Destiny 2 Confirms More Craftable Exotics Are Coming With Season 22 Mission Rotator

Bungie officially announces multiple Craftable Exotics arriving in Destiny 2 with Season 22's Exotic Mission Rotator feature.

Destiny 2 Season 22 Quality-of-Life Changes 1
Destiny 2 to Get Multiple Quality-of-Life Fixes

Bungie confirms that Destiny 2 will receive several quality-of-life fixes and adjustments after the end of Season of the Deep.

Destiny 2 Adept Loaded Question Fusion Rifle 1
Destiny 2: How to Get the Loaded Question Fusion Rifle

The Loaded Question fusion rifle is a new pinnacle weapon available in Destiny 2's Season 5, which can be earned from the Vanguard by completing objects in strikes.

destiny 2 hunter dawning armor 1
Destiny 2 Not Raising Power Level in Season 22, Making Game Harder

Destiny 2's pinnacle power level cap will remain the same in Season 22, but Bungie is also planning to make the game more challenging going forward.

destiny 2 gambit gameplay screenshot 1
Bungie Discusses Gambit Changes and Its Future in Destiny 2

Bungie details its plans for the Gambit game mode for Destiny 2 Season 22 and the year following the Final Shape expansion's launch.

Destiny 2 Season 23 PvP Content 1
Destiny 2 to Get Tons of PvP Content in Season 23

Bungie's latest State of the Game update for Destiny 2 reveals new PvP content planned for Season 23, including the return of a beloved map.

Destiny-2-season-23-strand-aspect-reworked-exotic-gamerant 1
Destiny 2 Adding New Strand Aspects, Reworking Exotics in Season 22

Bungie announces new Strand aspects and upcoming reworks for multiple Destiny 2 Exotics in Season 22 of the game.

destiny 2 the final shape cayde-6 witness location seasons saga end issues 1
Destiny 2's Confirmed Plans for The Final Shape Raises Questions About Cayde-6, More

Bungie confirms a big Destiny 2 The Final Shape change from Lightfall, and while it's good news, it could impact the role of Cayde-6 and more.

destiny 2 the final shape cayde-6 1
Destiny 2 Confirms Big Theory About The Final Shape

Bungie confirms a major theory about Destiny 2's upcoming The Final Shape expansion which will be appreciated by a majority of the fans.

destiny 2 final shape pathfinder 1
Destiny 2 Unveils 'Pathfinder' System For The Final Shape Expansion

Destiny 2 Game Director Joe Blackburn gives a sneak peek at what's coming to the game including a new ritual mechanic known as Pathfinder.

destiny 2 crucible season 22 updates 1
Bungie Details Destiny 2's New Season 22 PvP Map and Modes

In the latest State of Destiny 2 update, Bungie confirms big news for PvP Crucible fans including new maps and modes coming very soon.

destiny 2 crucible guardians 1
Bungie Going After Destiny 2 Cheat Makers

Bungie is suing another Destiny 2 cheat manufacturer who it has faced in the past but is now looking to shut down its operations completely.

destiny-2-how-to-get-aquanaut-title1 1
Destiny 2: How to Get the Aquanaut Title

Aquanaut is the seasonal title for Season of the Deep in Destiny 2, and here is how players can obtain it.

Destiny-2-changes-solstice-for-better-accessability-gamerant 1
Destiny 2 Update Makes Maneuvering in Solstice Event Activity Much Easier

Following community feedback, Bungie reintroduces a staple movement method of Destiny 2 to the European Aerial Zone to improve player mobility.

Destiny 2, Elden Ring, and It Takes Two 1
The 15 Best Online Multiplayer PS5 Games, Ranked (August 2023)

With so many to choose from these days, finding the best online multiplayer games on the PS5 can be a lot more challenging than one might think.

Destiny 2, Doom Eternal, and Deathloop 1
The 15 Best PS5 First-Person Shooters, Ranked (August 2023)

The best FPS games on the PlayStation 5 find ways to set themselves apart, either through their unique mechanics or their unparalleled online support.

destiny 2 final shape expansion seasons story ikora traveler 1
Destiny 2's Final Shape Seasons Are a Controversy Waiting to Happen

The Final Shape should elevate Destiny 2's story more than Lightfall did, but this approach could have consequences for the seasonal model.

Minecraft-player-recreates-D2-Throne-World-gamerant 1
Minecraft Player Recreates Savathun’s Throne World From Destiny 2 in the Game

A Minecraft player shares their painstakingly detailed recreation of Savathun's Throne World from Destiny 2's The Witch Queen expansion.