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Andrea became a gamer for life at 7, thanks to a Pokemon Red cartridge and her Game Boy. She knew she wanted to be a writer back when she got a floppy disk and wrote "My Book" on it. Her Italian lineage makes her a big pizza fan. She loves games featuring deep lore, sci-fi elements, and strategic thinking. When she is not writing or editing, she's often found playing Destiny 2 and Pokemon games. Andrea has a BA degree in Cognitive Psychology from UNISOB and an MA degree in Copywriting and Advertising from IULM.

destiny 2 raid final shape puzzles strand grapple problematic why 1
Destiny 2's The Final Shape Raid is in a Rough Spot in One Key Area

Destiny 2's The Final Shape expansion has to meet the public's expectations in many ways, and its Raid shouldn't make a big blunder.

pokemon scarlet violet diablo 4 gen 10 level scaling good why overworld exploration paldea 1
Pokemon Gen 10 Should Learn a Valuable Lesson From Scarlet and Violet, Diablo 4

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and Diablo 4 are oddly in the same boat with one feature, and with Gen 10 looming on the horizon it needs to make amends.

diablo 4 season malignant level scaling change bad experience activities nightmare dungeon helltide 1
Diablo 4 Shot Itself in the Foot by Changing One Key Launch Feature

Diablo 4's launch hype rapidly started decaying with the release of Season of the Malignant, and one key feature being changed was a big contributor.

destiny 2 gambit state of the game post final shape updates changes new map enemies future bad swan song 1
Destiny 2's Gambit Updates Sound a Lot Like a Swan Song

Destiny 2's recent State of the Game post highlighted changes coming to Gambit next year, but this may very well be a swan song for the game mode.

pokemon scarlet violet dlc teal mask dark-type new form leaks kieran mightyena 1
Predicting Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC's Leaked Dark-Type New Form

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's The Teal Mask DLC should hit the store in the next couple of months, and leaks hint at a Dark-type critter's new form.

path of exile 2 diablo 2 huntress amazon javelin spear gameplay skills similar 1
Path of Exile 2's Huntress is Basically Diablo 2's Amazon

Path of Exile 2 will feature a total of twelve classes, and the Huntress seems to be sharing the same DNA as the Amazon from Diablo 2.

destiny 2 the final shape cayde-6 witness location seasons saga end issues 1
Destiny 2's Confirmed Plans for The Final Shape Raises Questions About Cayde-6, More

Bungie confirms a big Destiny 2 The Final Shape change from Lightfall, and while it's good news, it could impact the role of Cayde-6 and more.

pokemon scarlet violet dlc regional fake edible pokemon leaked poison grass weezing fruit 1
Predicting Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC's Leaked 'Edible' Regional Fake

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's DLC will reportedly add a new regional fake evolution line, this time with a critter whose form will be edible.

remnant 2 archon class secret labyrinth unlock gunfire games future double-edged sword 1
Remnant 2's Archon Secret Class is a Double-Edged Sword For Gunfire Games

Remnant 2 deserves its current spot in the limelight, also achieved thanks to its secrets, but the Archon class has pros and cons for future games.

destiny 2 final shape expansion seasons story ikora traveler 1
Destiny 2's Final Shape Seasons Are a Controversy Waiting to Happen

The Final Shape should elevate Destiny 2's story more than Lightfall did, but this approach could have consequences for the seasonal model.

destiny 2 new saga post final shape antagonist maya sundaresh lakshmi-2 vex network the veil 1
Destiny 2's Next Big Antagonist Could be a Familiar Face

Destiny 2's next saga after The Final Shape has the unique opportunity to bring back one antagonist while also making another thrive.

nintendo new console lack day-one release mario zelda pokemon legends unova 1
With Nintendo's New Console Rumored for 2024, One Burning Question Remains

A new rumor emerged stating that Nintendo's next-gen console will launch sometime in 2024, but a big question remains unanswered.

path of exile 2 diablo 4 killer 1
Why Path of Exile 2 Is Not a 'Diablo 4 Killer'

The hype train for Path of Exile 2 is going strong amidst Diablo 4 backlash, but this doesn't mean the former will "kill" the latter.

destiny 3 destiny 2 sequel traveler 1
Why Destiny 3 Won't Exactly Be 'Destiny 3'

While the idea of a "Destiny 3" game has made its way into community discussions, a Destiny 2 sequel could be much more than just that.

path of exile 2 diablo 4 classes twelve versus five good bad 1
Path of Exile 2 Already Has a Clear Advantage Over Diablo 4

Diablo 4 enjoyed a successful launch and reignited players' love for ARPGs, but Path of Exile 2 might take the cake and eat it too.

destiny 2 lightfall season 22 raid starfield release date 1
Destiny 2 May Have Shot Itself in the Foot With Its Season 22 Raid

Destiny 2's upcoming Raid for Season 22 already faced some controversies ahead of launch, and the latest might be too much for it.

destiny 2 season deep veil containment logs chioma esi maya sundaresh lakshmi-2 1
Destiny 2's Biggest Lightfall Revelation May Have Flown Under Most Players' Radars

Destiny 2's Season of the Deep is delivering massive lore bits about the game's story, but one of them likely went unseen by many.

destiny 2 deep dive exotic quest wicked implement scout rifle matchmaking toland issues 1
Destiny 2’s New Exotic is Causing Problems for Season of the Deep Players

Destiny 2's new Wicked Implement Exotic is making it more frustrating and problematic to play the game.

destiny-2-merch-plush 1
Destiny 2's Bungie Day Merch Crosses Two Items Off Players' Wish List

Numskull Designs is back at it with new merchandise for Destiny 2 players to get their hands on, again with iconic designs.

diablo 4 magic the gathering chase uniques six the one ring card rarity similar 1
Magic The Gathering's 2 Million One Ring Card is Basically Diablo 4's Six Chase Uniques

Diablo 4 features a total of six ultra-rare Unique items that share an interesting similarity with a $2 million card from Magic: The Gathering.

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