• Former WWE superstar John Cena has been revealed as Overwatch 2's Enigma, leading to some hilarious memes from Blizzard.
  • Despite not being a playable character, Blizzard gave fans a glimpse of what The Enigma could look like as a hero through comedic mockups of his kit and an edited image of the hero gallery.
  • While fans enjoyed these entertaining fake abilities for John Cena, it is uncertain if he will make appearances outside the Invasion marketing campaign.

Former WWE superstar, popular actor, and constant source of memes John Cena has been revealed as Overwatch 2’s Enigma, and Blizzard has wasted no time making memes. With a fake hero kit created alongside a mockup of The Enigma in the hero gallery, these Overwatch 2 jokes are top-notch.

The Enigma reveal came just a few days ago, with Blizzard hyping up its huge Season 6 update in a number of ways. While a Sojourn animated short, blog posts, and trailers have hit the internet, the Enigma marketing campaign has been a bit more unique. Recently, Twitch streamers have been “hacked” by a mysterious figure known as the Enigma, with a short piece of footage showing that John Cena is playing the character. Unfortunately, he will not be a playable character, and it is unclear if he will be seen outside the Invasion marketing campaign.

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Still, though Blizzard will not be turning John Cena into a hero, it has given fans an idea of what a playable Enigma could look like - even if the mockups are heavily comedic in nature. One image sees The Enigma being added to the hero gallery, appearing as a part of the Damage lineup alongside characters like Tracer and Ashe. Hilariously, his character portrait is nowhere to be seen, playing into the meme that John Cena is invisible to the naked eye. However, it was the fake ability lineup for Cena that really stole the show.

All of these made-up abilities for Cena are wildly entertaining, with one seeing his iconic “You Can’t See Me” taunt from his WWE days brought into the game. Another ability sees Cena distracting his opponents by dancing, while one of the most entertaining made-up abilities has Cena canceling Ultimates by blasting his theme song. Finally, the “are you sure about that?” meme is translated into a skill that cancels out all damage - ensuring that this hero would be fully broken if it were added.

While a playable John Cena would make more sense for Overwatch 2’s April Fool’s update as opposed to being a real addition, many fans loved this over-the-top kit. Though Cena could show up in the PvE missions or future marketing campaigns, these Invasion teasers may be as far as his team-up with Blizzard goes. If this is the case, at least the developer has mined some comedic gold from the partnership.

While The Enigma’s suggested abilities are just for laughs, fans are patiently waiting to learn more about Overwatch 2’s new Support hero. With Season 6 right around the corner, the wait for info should be ending very soon.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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