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Jared is a writer, editor, and Communications Studies graduate who loves popular nerd culture and the interactive storytelling medium. Jared's first console was the PS1, wherein he fell for Spider-Man, Spyro the Dragon, and Crash Bandicoot.

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Baldur's Gate 3
Game Rant Recap for 07/31/23 – 08/06/23

Dead by Daylight confirms an exciting crossover, Baldur's Gate 3 excels in popularity on Steam, and more in this week's Game Rant recap.

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One Comic Book Storyline Would Give Yuri Lowenthal an Interesting Challenge in Marvel’s Spider-Man 3

Yuri Lowenthal gets to play a much different Peter in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, but one comic book run could let him play an entirely different one.

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Dead by Daylight’s Alien Already Has the Perfect Memento Mori Idea

Dead by Daylight's inclusion of Alien content has the potential to bring with it loads of inspiration from the Xenomorph's theatrical portrayals.

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Blasphemous 2’s Take on Dark Souls’ Homeward Bone is Great to Have in the Base Game

Blasphemous 2 features a prayer ability akin to Dark Souls' Homeward Bone item, and confirmation of it already makes progression seem much smoother.

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Gaming’s Most Scary Enemies of Late Weren’t Even from a Horror Game

Horror games have produced many memorable enemy types, though non-horror games can sometimes come up with enemies that are far more terrifying.

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Dead by Daylight’s Alien Can Embrace One Horrific Creature as a Power

Dead by Daylight's confirmation of an Alien crossover lends itself to a lot of neat power ideas Behaviour could come up with for the Xenomorph.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Coney Island References Blur the Line Between Easter Egg and Tease

Coney Island's amusement park is full of D-Tier villain Easter eggs in Marvel's Spider-Man, and Easter eggs are all they may amount to.

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Gotham Knights’ Batman Beats Arkham’s in One Key Way

WB Games Montreal's DC endeavors may be less popular than Rocksteady's, but its takes on Batman are praiseworthy in ways that Rocksteady's isn't.

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Alan Wake 2’s Mind Place Should Behave Like Sifu’s Detective Board

Alan Wake 2's Mind Place is its most intriguing feature shown thus far, and inspiration from Sifu's Detective Board could make it more gratifying.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Has a Big Wheel, But Not How Fans Might Want

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 references a beloved yet awful villain victim to many memes, though that may unfortunately be the extent of their appearance.

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Blasphemous 2 Needs to Abide by a Standard Elden Ring Graciously Set

Blasphemous is a wonderful indie title with fitting content, but one tedious endeavor it presents could afford to be pared down in the sequel.

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How Parries Could Affect Combat in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 features dedicated parries, adding distinguished variety to its freeflow combat, inventive gadgets, and unique abilities.

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Star Wars Outlaws Could Give One Bounty Hunter the Revered Status They Deserve

Star Wars Outlaws has an opportunity to depict an infamous bounty hunter as fans imagined them back during the events of the original trilogy.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man Could Introduce a Clone Saga in the Most Devastating Way

Because Peter's crimefighting past was mostly pushed to the side in Marvel's Spider-Man, a Clone Saga debut could impact him in a profound way.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Successor Would Need to Reprise One Pivotal Mechanic for Lightsaber Wielders

Star Wars Battlefront features a subtle yet profound gameplay detail that a hopeful successor would need to include as an essential mechanic.

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Why Resident Evil 9 Should Avoid a Protagonist with Powers Like Rosemary Winters

Resident Evil's Rose is easily its most unique character and while she may not return, a protagonist like her should be avoided in future entries.

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Star Wars Outlaws Should Have a Spin on Jedi: Survivor’s Most Unique Stance

Star Wars Outlaws could mirror Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and have its own unique stance, whether it is scripted or baked into gameplay thereafter.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Cannot Repeat The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s Mistakes

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 may run parallel with one character, which could negatively impact the former.

Gamerant Recap 073023 1
Mortal Kombat 1
Game Rant Recap for 07/24/23 – 07/30/23

Mortal Kombat 1 unveils a character returning from MK11, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 console bundles get scalped, and more in this week's Game Rant recap.

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One Star Wars Battlefront Game Mode Needs a Name Revision for Future Entries

Star Wars Battlefront is an immersive depiction of the franchise's science-fiction fantasy, though its characters lack moral ambiguity and nuance.

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