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Remnant 2

The sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes, Gunfire's Remnant 2 is a Soulslike RPG that primarily plays like a third-person shooter. Focusing on co-op while still supporting single-player, the game features hard-as-nails bosses, an upgrade system, multiple classes with their own abilities, and dynamically generated dungeons that enhance replayability.

remnant 2 game
July 25, 2023
Gunfire Games
Gearbox Publishing
Soulslike, Third-Person Shooter
Unreal Engine 4
M for Mature 17+ due to Blood and Gore, Partial Nudity, Strong Language, Violence
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Remnant 2: Best Challenger Build

Stand toe-to-toe against Remnant 2's meanest monsters with this Challenger Archetype build that's optimized for close-range fighting.

Remnant 2 cover artwork flattened shadows crop 1
Remnant 2 Patch Nerfs Two of Its Best Weapons

The latest Remnant 2 patch introduces a wide variety of bug fixes and QoL improvements, but also nerfs two of the game's best weapons.

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Remnant 2: What to Do with Thaen Seed

Players that are trying to decide what to do with the Thaen Seed in Remnant 2 can find details on the consequences of this choice here.

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Remnant 2: Best Summoner Build

Fight fire with fire and beat the Root back with their own creatures with this Summoner build guide for Remnant 2.

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Remnant 2: Best Handler Build

This build guide for Remnant 2 is all about turning the Handler into the backbone of any party by providing a constant stream of healing and utility.

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Remnant 2: Navigator's Helm (How to Get and What It's For)

The Navigator's Helm is a rare piece of armor in Remnant 2 that leads to one of N'Erud's more exciting secrets.

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Remnant 2 Hotfix Makes Quality of Life Changes, Fixes Bugs on Xbox

Remnant 2 developer Gunfire Games releases a new update for the game that adds a couple of quality of life options and fixes progression locking bugs.

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Remnant 2: How to Get The Plasma Cutter (Beam Rifle)

Remnant 2's Plasma Cutter is one of the best weapons to use for a high-DPS crit build and here's how to get it.

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Remnant 2 Players Voice Concerns About the Game’s Difficulty Scaling

Despite its widespread acclaim, some players feel Remnant 2 faces serious difficulty scaling issues and call for the devs to resolve them.

The safe lock in Tiller's Rest from Remnant 2 1
Remnant 2: Tiller's Rest Safe Code Guide

The Tiller's Rest area of Remnant 2's Losomn includes a well-hidden safe that requires a four-digit code.

The title image for Remnant 2, featuring a Hunter and Medic  1
Remnant 2: The Best Archetypes For Solo Players, Ranked

While Remnant 2 is optimized for co-op play, it's still a great title for solo gamers. Here is how the game's Archetypes rank for independent players.

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Remnant 2: How to Get Pulse Rifle (Decorum Cipher & Memory Core II Use)

This guide will help players get Remnant 2's Pulse Rifle, a weapon that is connected to the Decorum Cipher and Memory Core II Quest Items.

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Remnant 2: Vault of the Formless Guide (All Puzzles & Secrets)

This guide will help players get through the locked doors and uncover the secrets that can appear in Remnant 2's Vault of the Formless dungeon.

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Remnant 2: How to Upgrade Weapons

Learn how to upgrade weapons in Remnant 2 along with other helpful tidbits.

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Remnant 2: How To Unlock the Engineer Archetype

One of the many secret Archetypes in Remnant 2, the Engineer is a heavy weapons specialist. Here is how to acquire it.

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Remnant 2: Best Classes (Archetypes Tier List)

There are many Archetype options in Remnant 2 and still more to be discovered. This is how they compare to one another.

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How Remnant 2's Classes Could Influence Borderlands 4

Remnant 2 has taken the gaming world by storm with its impressive launch, and Borderlands 4 could replicate its success with a simple feature.

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Remnant 2: How to Get Hardened Iron

Players will need to have a healthy stock of Hardened Iron if they want to survive against Remnant 2's harder challenges.

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Remnant 2: Endaira's End Dungeon Puzzle Guide

Endaira's End is one of the many dungeons in Remnant 2 that has a lot more to offer than most players might think.

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Remnant 2: How to Beat the Corruptor (Including Alternate Kill)

The Corruptor is one of the possible main bosses players can encounter during their Remnant 2 campaign run. Here's how to beat it.